FEM Optimized Structure

Apr 11, 2023

Was feeling like being an armchair machinist again, browsing through DMG Mori’s website, found this page, marketted towards an Indian audience I guess? Noticed this weird talking point:

FEM analysis

I mean okay I guess? Very peculiar point to bring up, I highly doubt there’s any serious CNC machine maker who doesn’t analyse their designs with FEM. Can’t seem to find this talking point here or here or here, but I could find it here. Is this machine also made in India? I don’t know, but the marketing video linked at the bottom seems to be a case study from an Indian company.

I did a little head scratching trying to figure out why I found this interesting in the first place. Then I remembered the Lokesh TL200 that I had the opportunity of running a while ago. I remember seeing something similar in it’s marketing material. Sure enough:

FEM analysis

Some digging later:

Either I’m looking too deep into this or this “FEM Optimized Structure” as a marketing point seems to be a standard talking point for machine tools particularly in their Indian-targetting marketting. Who was the first to do it? Was there some company that published this and every sales department had to deal with (presumably Indian) customers asking about it? Do people in these marketing departments just move around to other machine tool company marketing departments, or do they make their materials based purely on what they see in their competitor’s pages? Why can I only find this in indian marketing material?

Just a curious thing I thought I’d point out.

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