Arduino 2.x is bad

Jan 24, 2023

Ah, arduino IDE 2.x. It’s a complete rewrite. In chromium electron. I’m so glad they decided to redo it in electron, I was worried I didn’t have enough bloated shit on my computer. It certainly doesn’t seem to have that much more functionality, I sure hope they didn’t break anything fundamental and not fix it for over 2 years. Well, that seems to be a minor inconvenience. Don’t worry, there’s defintely no glitches in the IDE. I definitely won’t spent an hour trying to re-flow my solder, blow through half my spare chips and pull some hair out before realising there’s an IDE glitch and it isn’t locking up (No, I don’t have the ability to get a real debug probe right now. Yes, I should have pulled the scope out earlier than I did.).

Here’s one (ignoring issue #103 that I mentioned there):

Two points to note: It doesn’t actually display anything until I scroll either way, and it apparently takes ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FUCKING MILLISECONDS TO DISPLAY SOMETHING. I didn’t have a hardware power reset button, so reprogramming was the fastest way for me to reset it. The BUILT-IN SD card example will run quicker than that 160ms window, giving you NO output at all. Is it a consistent 160ms? Should I probably be benchmarking this? WHY IS THIS EVEN A PROBLEM?

To confirm, on the old IDE:

Oh man, I can’t wait till you start shipping example sketches with delay(1000) in the boilerplate.

Fuck you. No seriously. Fuck you. This software was never amazing, and the only reason I used it was it works well as a teaching tool, giving it to beginnners who are trying to learn this stuff for the first time. It now appears less and less viable for this niche too. It’s an atrocity. At least most electron apps do me the favor of looking kinda slick, you fail at this too. The arduino extension for VSCode does INFINITELY more and is at least a decently configurable (if not equally bloated) editor. You added NOTHING of value and took away the simplicity. How I find my self in defense of the java monstrosity that was arduino 1.x is still beyond me. And don’t give me this crap about it all being wonderful open source and non-profit as an excuse for being terrible, I know how little it costs you to make your shitty Genuinos, I bought that shit and supported you specifically so you’d at least TRY writing halfway decent software.

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