DDR4 Notes, part 1

NXP docs are meh, this TI document was very helpful. A scary number of pins are NC and that’s okay. You can ignore a lot of features, especially if your chip doesn’t support it…. probably, I mean I haven’t really tested this yet but I’m making an assuption and betting my wallet on it. Micron’s datasheet for their SDP packages (at least I think they’re SDP, because the other datasheets say TwinDie) contain decent information. DDR4 Notes, part 1 full article

Arduino 2.x is bad

Ah, arduino IDE 2.x. It’s a complete rewrite. In chromium electron. I’m so glad they decided to redo it in electron, I was worried I didn’t have enough bloated shit on my computer. It certainly doesn’t seem to have that much more functionality, I sure hope they didn’t break anything fundamental and not fix it for over 2 years. Well, that seems to be a minor inconvenience. Don’t worry, there’s defintely no glitches in the IDE. Arduino 2.x is bad full article

CATIA-V5 anime mod

My finest creation. Behold: There should have been a video here but your browser does not seem to support it. CATIA-V5 anime mod full article

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